Fencing Techniques In Foil, Epee And Sabre Sports

There are several methodologies in each category of sport, three of which are defensive, offensive and thirdly in play battle. Within each manoeuvre in Sabre and Foil, it is important to gauge play and win the right of way before scoring for better advantage in being rewarded with the point upon hit.

When in Defensive mode, there are five styles of play which can be enacted. Parry, Circle Parry, Counter attack, Point In Line and Riposte. The Parry and Circle Parry are basically the same except in circle, the aim is to capture the tip of the opponent's weapons and move it away from your body. Normal parry is simply the deflection of the blade itself.

The point in line defence is a teasing action which sees the player extend weapon and arm for confrontation. The opponent must strike the blade to defend or risk losing a double point hit should the player and advance and strike and win a touch.

Counter attack is a tactical swipe at your opponent. You can both retreat and try to score a hit at the same time. This is made more possible in Epee style of play, as the attack will naturally extend his body, from which you can hit the arm or hand when lunging forward but still on the back foot. With Riposte it is a right of way action. Having been attacked the player can move forward to attempt a strike on the opponent after successfully parrying.

Naturally there are a few more offensive actions as this is primarily an attack sport. Even the defensive actions have offensive connotations with right of way being the reward in the direct aftermath.

The terminologies in offence are Flick, Remise, Continuation of Attack, Attack, Feint, Lunge and Disengage. Attack and continuation deals with both the initial strike and to attempt a hit on another part of the body after a parry.

When using flick, the player attempts to make the weapon curve. Which is easily done with a flick of the wrist. However with electronic systems, the hit is often too quick as the weapon recoils and may not register.

With Remise the player has initially failed an attack and is trying to score a point, relying on the fact that nine times out of ten an opponent will score a hit on you after leaving yourself open.

Disengage uses a circle parry technique to fool the opponent to the think you are attack one one part of the body but you then lunge to hit another part as the opponent moves. With Lunge you are surprising your opponent by utilising additional reach when leaping forward with a knee with pressure on the back foot.

Feint, is as if to feign injury, you fool the opponent into attack by pretending to attack - only you are doing so in the hope of causing a reaction in which you know the outcome, in which you can attack proper.