Fencing Weapons Used In Tournaments

Not unlike some sports, fencing has several categories in which you can fight. Three common tournament styles which fencers take part in on the global stage are Foil, Epee and Sabre. Each has their own style of play and commitment in battle.

Within the realms of Fencing there is a range of rules that make up the defensive and offensive play, with the resulting return forming a part of a points system. While some tournaments still use a referee, the majority are deemed judged by an electronic device termed the scoring box.

The three weapons used in the sport are:

Foil: In Foil tournaments, players use a lightweight lunge weapon that he uses to thrust against his opponent. The arms and legs are now scored upon in this version and instead only the back, torso, neck, and groin.

Tip scoring is used, not blade and if any area outside he field of play is touched, this stops play. If both players score a hit at the same time, a referee will decide who gains the point by right of way.

Sabre: With Sabre, any part of the body except hands, above the waist is a target. The fencing weapon used is a thrusting and lightweight cutting sabre with a hand guard which faces outwards during play.

Sabre is a faster moving game with no halt in play if an illegal touch (outside the area) is made. Again, like Foil, should a hit be struck by both opponents at the same time, the referee will rule right of way.

Epee: This version uses a heavier thrusting blade in which the whole body is a target. This fencing duel is the fastest of all three in the sport because there are no illegal touches and even the blade is counted as valid and not only the tip when scoring points.

There is also no referee determination of right of way. The only reason a fight will be halted is if the tip grounds and sets off the electronic scoring box.

The three different classes enable different players the ability to swap or learn another style, which best suits their nature or to excel at all three. Different play speeds are enabled under each type and accuracy is more prevalent in Foil and Sabre, with opportunity being the winner within Epee.

Fencing is a global sport which today sees players compete in tournaments across the world. The standardisation of weapons is set across all associations and has been presents in all Olympic Games since it began.